Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tonight The City Skyline

Although this Wisconsin group is a 2-piece band, their recordings sound full with multiple layers of instruments and vocals.  Their debut album, "Nothing Will Be The Same" is full of alt rock/pop that is sometimes ambient, sometimes moody, and sometimes quite energetic.  Check them out at myspace.com/tonightthecityskyline


  1. I like these guys a lot. Curious as to what the new album sounds like in comparison to the sweet song they have up on their website http://www.tonightthecityskyline.com

  2. Nice blog, shouldn't you also embed a video or sample of the bands music on here too? That would be cool. Take a look at my Song of the Day indie music blog too. Keep on, keep'n on.

  3. We're actually working on revamping the entire website so the blog will be at indiemusicreview.org and will have everything from links to the artists site to sample tracks from the bands.