Friday, March 4, 2011

Pasha Black

Writing and singing music in multiple languages is no small feat in itself, but Ukrainian artist Pasha Black pulls it off without sacrificing any quality.  His acoustic soft rock features not only good songwriting, but excellent instrumentals and production.

Mark Allen

Mark Allen sings and writes country/rock, leaning mostly towards rock.  His music has a feel of professionalism both in the writing and in the production.


This experimental East Coast band is definitely willing to try new things.  They produce signature originals with lots of emphasis on the electronic funk.

Tony Memmel

Though classically trained, this singer/songwriter puts out great contemporary music sung with his unique voice that sounds distinct from many in the genre due to his multi-instrumental abilities and the accompaniment of his band.  He is also a great example of a musician triumphing over adversity to produce great songs.