Tuesday, March 8, 2011

David Cosma

Refreshing, acoustic, and pure indie.  David Cosma's musical abilities show both in his songwriting and playing. 

Mold Colony

Here is a band that keeps the fun in funky.  Filled with songs like "Space Monkey" and "Pirates Blood," their new CD is full of very original music that is fun as a barrel of (space) monkeys.

The Smiles And Frowns

Another great psychedelic-ish band, but with an entirely unique sound, The Smiles And Frowns play songs that are somewhat folksy and conjure up images of tie dye shirts and VW buses.

Beaulieu Porch

If Mozart ever wrote psychedelic music, this is how it would sound.  Far from sticking to the tried and true guitars and drums, the songs of Beaulieu Porch use an array of instruments ranging from kettle drums to french horns to create an almost otherworldly experience for the listener.

Kevin Killen

Philadelphia seems to be fast becoming an epicenter for singer/songwriters, and Kevin Killen is an excellent example.  Like many singer/songwriters, his songs can be hard to fit into just one genre, and his music takes influences from folk, alt rock, jazz, and Americana.  Probably his strongest point is his catchy choruses, which always seem to bring the song full circle.

The Fungus Moth

This UK band is reminiscent of the punk movement of the 1990s.  The songs are heavy on the experimenting and contain interesting minimalist musical ideas such as a strong dependence on repetition that seems designed to toy with the mind of the listener.