Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Frances Charlotte

Playing since she was 6, and songwriting since she was 12, Frances Charlotte's driving guitar backs up her sometimes dark, sometimes folksy, and always personal lyrics.


This band is definitely going places in the UK.  Their relaxed electronica sound is drawing fans from every corner of the globe.

Rubber Clown Car

Don't be fooled by the name, the Rubber Clown Car band plays music with a serious message.  With their latest CD titled "Jesus is not a Weapon," there is no doubt where this band stands, which would explain the sort of 1960s sound.

The Mason Affair

This LA based funk, Soul and R&B band plays with a groove that makes you want to dance.  The 8 members produce a full, jazzy sound that's hard to beat.

David Rosenfield

Born and raised on the West Coast, David Rosenfield's compositions still retain the Northwest style of independent folk rock, although he is now based out of Florida.  His lyrics remind the listener of what songwriting really is: poetry.

El Gitano

El Gitano's music is a little hard to define, though he describes it as "World Music/"Circus Music"/Hip Hop."  It definitely makes for a fun listen.

Jeff Gutman

If there is one thing that San Fransisco consistently produces, it's great indie songwriters, and Jeff Gutman is certainly no exception.  His fifth album, "Through The Night" works great lyrics in with powerful emotions.

King Cotton

Be prepared to get taken back to dirt roads and Southern farms when you hear this band, while at the same time rockin' out to their indie Southern rock groove.

Resident Scout

This singer/songwriter is the epitome of creativity and versatility.  Not only did he write, record, mix, perform, and produce his debut album, "My Greatest Sympathies," completely solo, he succeeded in producing music that is original and fun to listen to.


C-Jay produces the kind of R&B that appeals to any audience.  His naturally easygoing voice in songs such as "So Empty"  leave you wanting more.  Keep an eye on this guy!

Joseph Gallant

Joseph Gallant is an up-and-coming songwriter based out of Maine.  His songs and gentle vocals carry a sense of intimacy, as if he's having a conversation with the listener.

Painted Grey

Here is a great West Coast alternative pop/rock band that has just released a new (debut) album, "Away With Words."  The songs have a distinct Northwest style of rocking out, with a high tenor voice which carries the band.

Jezebels Kiss

In case there is any doubt, this is definitely rock.  Listening to them is like hearing a cross between Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, and KISS.


Here is a British rock band that doesn't hold anything back.  The 5 piece band produces music that is as intense as it is energetic.

Serious Clark.

This funky North Carolina band produces a little bit of everything, mostly pop and folk.  Their music is catchy, and leaves you with a song stuck in your head.

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