Monday, March 7, 2011

New Blog!

The Indie Music Review has a new blog! is dedicated to bringing the latest music industry tips, tools, websites, technology and more to our readers.  Be sure to check it out, and if you have a music industry tip you would like to share, please e-mail it to

Dan Dailey

Dan Dailey is part of a growing movement of musicians who are utilizing new technology and their multi-instrumental abilities to write, perform, and produce entire records solo.  He has produced multiple CDs with his 60s/70s style rock (The latest is "Out Of Control" ) that often sound like the work of a full band and record label.

Mr.Tac a.k.a. "Chocolate"

This Bronx-based hip hop is an example to independent musicians in every genre.  He not only produces quality hip hop, he has established himself in the highly competitive New York hip hop scene with 6 albums that keep his fans coming back for more.

A.J. Steel

A.J. Steel is an Australian performer and songwriter whose great rock/pop compositions have not only received recognition Down Under, but on radio stations in America and the UK as well.  His latest production is a new EP, Satellites and Cars, which feature an excellent drum and electric guitar accompaniment in sync with his distinct voice.

Alexander Jenkins

Alexander Jenkins is a composer that isn't interested in writing for just one genre.  He has over 500 original songs written in genres ranging from industrial to ethnic, with every on bearing his own unique, electronic heavy style.

Trumpet Grrrl

In a well-crafted collision of classical and popular music, this Maryland recording artist has combined her trumpet and keyboard skills with a pop oriented voice that is making has her not only performing in small venues, but ones as famous as Carnegie Hall.