Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dash Davis

This Bahamas based artist has just released a new single, "The Greatest Show On Earth."  It is a great hip hop listen, and makes you hope this songwriter keeps writing.


It isn't enough for this artist to create her own music, she decided to create her own genre too.  Her 21st century pop/electronic style of music is so unique, she calls it "Beta Music" instead of trying to fit it into some other cookie cutter genre.

Pace Won and Mr. Green

Here is evidence that the classic hip hop duo can stay relevant.  An example is their song, "Can You Hear Me," which is based on the very recent events in Tunisia.


A great new alt rock/electronic band from France.  Although just beginning to recieve recognition, their music, such as "Quiet Riot" shows great promise.


This energetic band is hopping state to state all over the Northern United States with their expertly produced music.  The songs slowly build up to a thunderous climax with expertly wielded bass, drums, guitars, and vocals.


Grady Slade Jr is a hip hop artist building a formidable fan base in New York with real life songs such as "Power To The People" decrying his social justice themes.

Butch Berry

This is about as personal as pop can get.  The songs out of the new album, "Enamorado" make you feel like you are sitting across from Butch Berry as he tells you stories straight from the heart.


Undakova is a New York hip hop songwriter and producer whose music is much more melodic than many hip hop artists.  The songs, which are often social justice themed, transfer smoothly a singing to a softer rap.

Monty The Space Poet

Listening to Monty The Space Poet is like being on a time machine that doesn't quite know where to go.  He brings you back to the 1960s with his great classic rock sound, then yanks you into the '90s  with a punkier style, and back and forth you go as he transitions from electronic to acoustic and back again.


This music can fool you into thinking that it is just another shoegazing "nature sound" band, until the gorgeous lyrics take over.

Gilbert Neal

Gilbert Neal is a versatile songwriter who produces songs that are a blend of a little bit of everything.  He utilizes slight dissonances in his driving guitar, then resolves them for a sound keeps the listener involved.


This band reminds you of just how many different genres come out of Texas.  Based in Austin, they produce experimental electronic music that is unique and refreshing.

The Daydream Club

This folk songwriting duo from the UK keeps their music somewhat simple, yet it conveys a powerful effect that conjures up images of the British countryside.

Lick And A Promise

Lick And A Promise is a great reminder of the diversity of rock, as they're based out of Frankfurt, Germany.  Their new album, "Come Together In The Morning" contains just some of the great rock and roll that has kept them busy not only in Europe, but up and down the U.S. West Coast as well.

Seldom Party

This folkish music is haunting and mysterious, with a near-unison vocal duo ( Will Kendrew, with guest vocals from Mimi Leung ) that blends their voices just right to produce a unique sound that has you listening again and again.

The Big Motif

This jazzy Colorado band likes to lull you with a soft guitar or sax, then surprise you with an explosion of drums, bass, and funky vocals.  They are releasing a CD in April featuring their original jazz/rock songs.


Talk about versatility, this actress/model/songwriter/performer does it all, without sacrificing the quality of her music.  In between acting in "Get Him To The Greek" and modeling on the Sports Illustrated Red Carpet, she produces great Las Vegas rock/pop music with a powerful voice.